Ospo Summit 2022 Launched

OSPO Summit 2022 Launched

The article of OSPO Summit 2022, write by JiangBo.

OSPO Summit of the open source community, by the open source community and for the open source community. —— Zhiqiang Yu, OSPO into enterprise meetup co-founder,OSPO Summit 2022 Chairperson

We are excited to announce that as a significant step in the local development of open source in China, OSPO Summit 2022 has officially launched.

As a completely neutral event, OSPO Summit was initiated by the OSPO SIG, LF APAC evangelists, and we have a preparatory team of over 20 people from different companies and organizations.


Linux Foundation APAC, TODO Group, OpenInfra Foundation

Summit Chair

  • Zhiqiang Yu, Open Source Evangelist

  • Nadia Jiang, COO at SegmentFault, Co-founder of Answer.dev

Executive Team


Preparatory Team Members

Jiansheng Li, Jie Liu, Le Ma, Zhiqiang Yu, Nadia Jiang, Jinghe Ma, Jie Hu, Wenbin Zhao, Guofeng Zhang, Horace Li, Richard Bian, Zhenhua Sun, Hong Li, Wei Meng, Ailin Yang, Yiyang Zhang

Our communication with international conferences has been interrupted for over 3 years due to the requirements of China’s epidemic prevention policy. We urgently need an offline gathering to unite the open-source power of Chinese companies. We want to enable companies that rely on open source to share, learn, and summarize their experiences so that all parties can benefit, and especially practitioners can succeed.

events info

Our summit is scheduled to be held in Beijing on December 16, and through a vote of the preparatory team, we have chosen Localization and Globalization as the theme.

Time: December 16, 2022

Location: Beijing, China

Theme: Localization and Globalization

China is special, whereas open source is global. We must perceive rationally, both to understand and implement according to the local situation, but also to integrate and influence the world.

Summit introduce

The summit will focus on the successful practices of Upstream First and the work of OSPO. The OSPO leaders from various enterprises such as HUAWEI, ByteDance, Ant Group, etc. will bring the above topics and we will also invite international experts such as Dr. Ibrahim Haddad and representatives of various open source foundations to give us international leading points. TODO Group manager Ana will share how to build OSPO in enterprise.

In addition to the sessions, we will also have many open discussion sections where attendees can choose from the following discussion groups based on their working background and requirements.

  • Engineering: Upstream First, cost reduction and efficiency, from 996 to 711, DevSecOps

  • Management/Culture: Enterprise Architecture Research, Open Source Culture, Enterprise, and Open Source Community, HR, OKR & KPI

  • Compliance and Assets: License, Supply Chain, SBOM, Accounting Assessment

  • Climbing the ladder: jump-start development, project community building, collaboration between enterprises to drive participants, becoming a leader in the open source world

We will do our best to ensure the high quality of this summit, avoid all kinds of advertising and strictly select the speeches.

We warmly welcome you to join us, as long as you are interested in building enterprise OSPO and the development of open source locally and globally. The Summit website is currently under development, so for more information please follow our core contributors on Twitter.(@zhiqiangyu, @lijiansheng1, @jiangbonadia) If you are interested in community collaboration and sponsoring us, you can contact me by email: nadia.jiangbo@gmail.com