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Ospo Summit 2022 Delay Notice

Due to force majeure and for the sake of everyones physical and mental health, the preparatory team decided to postpone the event.

I am very sorry to inform all OSPOers that the first “OSPO Summit 2022”, which was originally scheduled to be held on December 16, 2022, could not be held on that day due to the uncertainty brought about by the changes in the COVID-19 epidemic prevention policy. The preparatory team decided to postpone the holding. Choosing to hold it online, we think that goes against our original intention of organizing this conference: Face-to-face is still our most important way of communication. After careful and thorough discussions, it was unanimously decided to postpone the meeting to 2023.3.24, with the address unchanged.

The extension of time will not change our goal, but it will make our content more fully prepared and our expectations stronger. In this postponed quarter, the preparatory team will still focus on related work, and there are several additional tasks:

  • From next week, an online topic discussion about the open source program office will be arranged every two weeks, and the most senior guests in the industry will be invited to conduct it;
  • About whether to cooperate with many companies to launch a series of in-depth investigations on related projects, KuoSi(适兕) will also conduct face-to-face interviews with OSPOers;
  • Invite international OSPOer guests to attend the meeting in person

Please know that if you have any questions, please contact us.

                                                ———— OSPO  Summit 2022 Prepareatory group