Ospo Summit Press

Invitation to participate OSPO Summit 2022

The organizing committee is sincere in its belief that attendees will not choose us unless there are strong reasons to do so. After all, this is not a period of limited resources, and there are plenty of invitations for open-source events and conferences. So why do we think you should take the time to participate in OSPO Summit, a first-time organized event?

The explanation for No Open Registration

How to know others’ minds? It is a challenging task. For those closest and familiar, we may be able to identify their thoughts through experience and shared culture. But for unfamiliar groups, it is almost impossible. However, is there any way we can do that? That is to observe and explore the culture and social environment in which the group lives and thus to judge an individual in a general way.[1] Many strengths embrace open source. Efforts from individuals, businesses, governments, think tanks, universities, and others are all essential social strengths. [2] Since the OSPO Summit is held locally, we must consider the local embrace of open source. Based on local characteristics, participation in open source as a unit represented by enterprises is a unique and powerful indication. Based on numerous sociologists’ studies, it is reasonable to assume that collectively participating in open source is the main local approach. [3] Then participation in such a way requires appropriate theoretical and practical guidance, especially for the open-source project office. For our peers who care about the Open Source Project Office, after a series of events [4] and lectures [5], we believe that, as an emerging function, the Open Source Project Office [6] is a new professional community that is vertical and crosses knowledge backgrounds. So we wanted to take a two-dimensional approach to ensure that participants’ understanding of the Open Source Project Office was not elementary. For the more weakly related or unrelated potential interested participants, we hope to see you at the OSPOCon [7] held early next year.

Why you?

When you see this invitation, it will not surprise you, especially to see the following characteristics.

  • Active open-source pro-actors who embrace open source.
  • Working in an enterprise strongly related to open source.
  • Having participated in activities organized by the LFAPAC OSPO SIG [4].
  • Having a stereotypical understanding of open source and a desire for open source to help companies benefit.
  • Frequently evangelize for the proper application of open source in the enterprise: not limited to articles, presentations, and conversations.
  • Your company is an active sponsor of open-source foundations and events.
  • Want to make open source more accessible to more people
  • Already doing OSPO-related work in your company. In other words, you have long been selected to attend the summit.

Preparation Before Participation

As part of the warm reminder, we would like participants to do some preparation. Other attendees also made preparations, as this is part of the summit itself, meaning that we focused more on the preparations before the summit. Such as for our LFAPAC OSPO SIG preparation team [8], the process of interacting with each other and being hands-on is itself the essence of the Open Source Project Office. And if you haven’t participated in the preparations, then we recommend that:

  • Review your own OSPO-related work
  • Summarize some lessons learned
  • What you would like to learn from peers
  • What you would like the OSPO to do
  • Gather some of the problems you normally encounter
  • Tell your manager that participating in the summit is as important as going to the office
  • Find ways to get involved, especially if you can sponsor some resources

Possible Benefits

As the organizers of the Summit, we would wishfully assume what you would receive for your participation, but we would prefer to design a structure, a platform for people to communicate and gain unexpected knowledge. However, we think attendees will at least get:

  • The latest insights from industry leaders in OSPO
  • The ins and outs of the decisions behind pioneering companies embracing open source locally, and the many scenarios along the way
  • Open source project office work practices - experiences and lessons learned
  • Key topics for networking: management, HR, economics, legal, business, technology, and other critical content
  • Peer acquaintance and communication, exchange, try to resonate with the emotions of peers
  • Discuss the organization of the next year, and alliance to go further Finally, condensed into one sentence: invited to come! Enjoy open source! Enjoy your work!


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